The next generation


MERLIN delivers insights that are invaluable for Investigative and Intelligence Units,
Brands, Security Teams, Marketing and PR Agencies, and Litigation Services.


Merlin has the power to intelligently search and analyze billions of public social media and news postings made every day.

Whether its a threat of a strike, a major news event, a motor vehicle accident, people are talking about it and posting valuable information, photos and videos. Merlin has the ability to analyze and present real time and historic data and analytics from on line sources providing you with the ability to make informed decisions.


Strike scenes, accident locations, school violence, major events and terrorism. People are constantly posting information, photos and web cam footage. Merlin will search through the billions of posts over multiple platforms and capture the posts and intelligence useful in identifying new witnesses, or to prevent an incident from occurring. Merlin can quickly gather all public posts through user names of any person of interest.


Capture in real time the public opinion relating to your brand. Billions of social media posts can be filtered for specific keywords targeted to your brand or product.

Historical data can be analysed quickly to identify trends or future events that may jeopardize your brand. Merlin provides you with the analytics to react to the provided intelligence.

The powers of merlin

IRM’s trained specialists will create your targeted queries which will run in the background 24 hours per day and send you an alert as soon as your person of interest posts anywhere in the world, or anyone posts discussing your brand, permitting you the luxury of focusing your daily activities in other areas.

Merlin will provide meaningful  analytics, filtering through billions of posts through geo-fences, keywords and usernames. Call us today for a custom quote and further information on how Merlin will save you time and money.

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