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Investigative Risk Management provides professional consulting and analysis, necessary for your organization to reach informed decisions. Our standard is to provide quality and personalized service.


Investigative Risk Management partners with major legal firms locally, nationally and internationally to help solve high risk and complex litigation matters. With our experience and expertise, IRM will gather sensitive information and any public data required to assist you and your clients.


Social Media and Open Source Intelligence investigations are an increasingly important aspect of all investigations. Our certified OSINT investigators harvest invaluable intelligence from the surface, deep and dark web.


At IRM we have a proven track record investigating all facets of insurance liability. Our experienced investigators in Property & Casualty or Life & Health Disability investigations work closely with Claims Examiners, SIU Units and Legal Advisors to strategically develop comprehensive investigative solutions which enable you to reach an informed decision. Our investigations are PIPEDA compliant and IRM adheres to the strictest industry guidelines.


Regulated professions have obligations to meet standards of practice and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the expectations of their industry. Our experienced investigators examine complaints, reports of alleged professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity by members of colleges and institutions.


Certified specialists design and create custom solutions to address and solve your technological needs. IRM is constantly developing and acquiring state of the art equipment providing you with multiple cost affordable solutions.
Inquire about our customized technological platforms we offer, and learn what they can do for you.




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