Mr. Mike Pothier is a recently retired member of the Ontario Provincial Police with over 31years of policing experience. Retiring at the rank of Detective Inspector, he has extensive experience with the management and overall accountability for high risk investigations. Mike has led various units across Ontario during which he amassed a wealth of investigative experience with high level criminal investigations. He has extensive cross-command experience including Organized Crime Enforcement Investigations, Major Case Management, Drug Investigations and OPP General Headquarters provincial leadership. He is a strong advocate and leader in partnership-building with internal, municipal, provincial and national stakeholders.   

Mike’s varied policing career included positions as Manager, Technical Support Branch; Major Case Manager, Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau;  Hub-Commander East / North, Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau; Manager, Field Intelligence, Provincial Operations Intelligence Bureau; Manager, Provincial Anti-Terrorism Section; Manager, Technical Operations Unit, Investigation Support Bureau; Detective Sergeant, Wiretap Affiant /Coordinator, Investigation Support Bureau; Analyst, Provincial Operations Intelligence Bureau; and Emergency Response Team member.

Mike’s experience includes physical surveillance and technical surveillance, covert undercover operations, drug investigations, management of Major Case and Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations and Intelligence operations. Mike has been involved in many criminal investigations and has interviewed countless persons, obtaining confessions in serious investigations such as homicides and sexual assaults.

During his career Mike has received several awards and commendations, such as the Commissioner’s Commendation for outstanding investigation.

Mike has received extensive training through the OPP Academy, the Ontario Police College, the Canadian Police College, the Canadian Forces College and other police training venues.

Mike has been called upon to lecture on numerous occasions for his innovative approach to intelligence sharing and his role in developing the Tactical Priority Setting initiative in policing.

Mike is bilingual, fluent in French and English. He has been certified by the French Language Institute for Professional Development, Department of Justice.



Email: mikep@irmi.ca
Office: (705) 503-5544
Fax: (705) 503-3553

Mr. Mike Pothier

Mr. Mike Pothier